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CHINA – The 2023 MUSE Design Award Season 2 have announced the list of winners. With more than 10,000 entries around the world, the esteemed international competition promises to be

Manila, Philippines – The MUSE Creative and Design Awards, leading competitions that honor creative and design professionals, have released the list of winners for its second competitive season of 2023.

The latest issue of Office Concept 2023 features 11 projects from around the region. Discover the journey behind our work for our newly-refurbished DB&B headquarters in Singapore, SAP, Foliday, Amazon,

SINGAPORE – The DEA 2022 marks DB&B’s 5th consecutive year of recognition from IDCS for their exemplary work in interior design. With Amazon and SAP clinching the Bronze Award in

CHINA, SHANGHAI – The 2022 MUSE Design Awards Season 2 have officially drawn to a close, after officially announcing the winners. With well over 6,000 entries entered from all over

SINGAPORE – A list of Season 1 winners for the 2022 MUSE Creative and Design Awards has been officially released by the International Awards Associate (IAA). Having received over 6,000